Italian Family Tree



Carolyn has been an Accredited Genealogist Researcher since 1992. An AG® Professional has passed the following:

  • Proctored examinations given to applicants who have displayed as part of their first papers toward their credential, practical background, and experience.
  • Separate tests and testing methods (written reports, essay questions, foreign language abilities, oral exams, and case study solutions) are given for each geographical area and subject of specialization.

Consumers can confidently expect Accredited Genealogist® professionals to:

  • be competent in the strategies and techniques needed for successful research in their region using a broad range of record types, including digital, Internet, and LDS sources where applicable; they know the kinds of information found in each record, can search them quickly, and can explain the research plainly, and competently, to their clients.
  • have passed a rigorous, proctored, timed, written exam on the history, paleography, document contents, record availability, and research techniques appropriate for their region of accreditation, and have shown that they can conduct research independently, work efficiently, and produce a concise report of their findings within set time limits.
  • be qualified to conduct research in the region or regions of the United States and/or foreign country in which they are credentialed.

Together, we have over fifty years of combined research experience onsite in Italy and with microfilmed or digitalized records. Carolyn was awarded a Master’s Degree in Modern Italian History (2007). Valeriano received a Master’s Degree in Art History (2003). Valeriano is native Italian; Carolyn has dual Italian citizenship and is fluent in Italian.

We are:

  • Professional Translators, members of the American Translators Association.
  • Expert Italian Paleographers, reading almost any kind of writing, working closely with Family Search® in making indices of Italian records more accessible to all users.
  • Successful in completing several dozens of dual citizenship projects with access to an Italian civil lawyer when necessary.

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