Italian Family Tree

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a genealogical researcher not based in Italy do Italian research?

You'll find more in my procedures page, but let me try and answer this important question.

For its own religious reasons, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has spent years and years microfilming the records of much of the world, with a special emphasis on Europe. Those microfilmed records, some of which are on the Internet, have been stored in the church's granite vaults, located not far from where I live, and in the church's family history library.. The church makes them accessible to the general public, as well as to professional researchers such as myself.

This means that a large percentage of the records of Italy are more accessible in Salt Lake City, Utah, than they are in Italy itself. All it takes is for a person who is skilled in genealogical research to sift through the massive amount of information and put a family tree together. I speak, read, and write Italian fluently, so I can find materials that many ordinary genealogists will pass right over.

Some material is still accessible only in Italy, of course, but a vast majority is accessible only 25 minutes away from where I live.

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