Italian Family Tree


"Today, I have dual citizenship with Italy thanks to Ms. Carolyn Ugolini. First, she was able to find a crucial document in the US archives regarding my paternal grandfather. Then, she contacted the town hall in Lapio (Avellino) Italy, writing in Italian with the precise language required to obtain a certified copy of my grandfather’s birth certificate.

Ms. Ugolini helped me with other document requiring translation and all were accepted in Italy without question. I am pleased to know her, and have referred several friends who wish to pursue Italian citizenship."


"Cara Carolyn, le sono davvero grato per questo splendido lavoro. Grazie mille!

È interessante vedere che le origini vanno nella zona al confine meridionale del Trentino. Non mi dispiace constatare nemmeno che per parte della bisnonna Elisabetta ho un pò di sangue toscano.

Con grande riconoscenza e i miei migliori auguri."


"I got the letter Friday night saying that my Italian citizenship has been recognized!  Thanks for all your help!  If you ever get to the point where you think you can trace the lineage back further, please let me know."


"Every time you send me something it is like I'm visiting my ancestors. I feel fortunate to be able to work with you. You are talented and knowledgeable. I'm unable to articulate why I have such a strong desire to learn everything I can about my ancestors. I must tell you that I adored my father. I never really knew him as an adult to adult. Our entertainment was visiting my aunts and uncles.

All of them are deceased and I often reflect that their existence is now relegated to my memories of them. I might be the only living person who thinks of my uncle Louie, my aunt Jean. Thinking about my ancestors is both comforting and distracting. I'm intrigued by my grandmother, LORETTA. Feel an affinity to her. In a way, not only are you delivering historical information, you are enhancing my intimacy with my family. Sometimes you almost make them come alive. Make any sense?"