Italian Family Tree


I generally follow these procedures:

Initially I analyze your family history situation for about one hour of research. If the microfilms are available and I am given an assignment of at least ten hours of research this first hour will be free of charge.

I prefer to work at five to ten hour increments and then report, but I am sensitive to my clients' needs.

In my reports, I include copies of the records I find, which I just label. Translating them takes more time and is handled separately. I try to give my clients a feel for the records  and the people I search, including occupations and any other pertinent information found. My reports average two or three pages presented, with copies of findings, in an attractive folder. I always include a laser print pedigree chart and family group records with my report.

I can also provide a GEDCOM file upon request. I also can send GEDCOM files by electronic mail, and will do so if requested.  As for computer programs, I am currently using Legacy Family Tree 3.0. I am also familiar with and use on occasion PAF 3.0 and 4.0, Family Origins 8.0, Family Tree Maker 7.5, The Master Genealogist and Generations Millennium. I can provide your family tree information in any of these programs upon request.

Due to the highly personal nature of each family and the particular research that each family tree involves, turn around time must be determined on an individual basis.

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